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Our next transport date is October 3rd! Go here to reserve your space!

Welcome to Paws Aboard Transport!

We are excited that you have found us, and even happier for our four legged friends! After putting many dogs and cats on other transports over the years, we decided the need was great and our desire to help save even more dogs and cats was even greater. As rescuers we know how important it is to safely transport and care for the animals as if they were our own. We are dedicated to making Paws Aboard Transport a premier transport for the animals trusted to our care. 

We are so grateful to a lovely woman named Maggie and her sweet dog Tasha who helped make this transport a reality. We know that she would have been very happy to know how many lives we are changing and saving because of her kindness.

Our 48-foot cargo trailer is heated, air-conditioned, includes a bathroom and shower, and living quarters for those caring for the animals during the trip. The trailer is pulled by a 3,500 Duramax Chevrolet Truck. The trailer is powered by a 14,000 kW Honda Generator. Music and aromatherapy are also provided so that the comfort is first-class! 

Keeping the animals healthy is one of our greatest priorities. Gloves and cleaning supplies are used to help minimize any risks of cross-contaminating the animals. The animals are walked and exercised on a regular basis, fed, and watered throughout the duration of the trip. Stops are made every 4-6 hours and the animals are never left alone. 

Our transport originates in south Georgia and travels to the northeast, with routes planned for the midwest coming soon!!

Shelia and Larry Fielding

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Information
Our normal pick-up locations are in:

Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia.

Our normal drop-off locations are in:

Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

*Note - Also plan to drop-off in Rhode Island depending per trip on the amount of dogs headed to that specific location.

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